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An exciting new partnership!

We are so pleased to announce that we are partnering with @DeanFarmTrust who are a registered charity dedicated to giving a home for life to rescued and neglected farm animals.

Just like us they believe in compassion, life and empowerment – all factors that contribute to a sustainable, healthy and cruelty free planet.

In October 2019 Dean Farm Trust rescued 10 male calves from the veal industry. These precious little boys had been taken from their mothers at birth and would have been raised indoors for the 5 months of their lives. The youngest were only 7 weeks old, still very small and missing their mums. They now all happily live at Dean Farm Trust and have grown to be giants, some over 6 feet tall at the shoulders! During the winter months they eat a bale of hay a day! 

Sam and Malcolm with the calendars – caption: Malcolm can’t wait until the 1st or December to open his advent calendar! 🐮😋

We were pleased to be able to donate 1% of the net sales from our oat m!lk advent calendars to help feed these boys and Caroline from Plamil loved her time spent at the sanctuary meeting the boys and the other residents connecting even deeper with our belief in Crops not Cows.

The chocolate is so yummy, even Malcolm Mischief can’t wait until Christmas! 🐮😋

We look forward to working together to promote compassionate choices for all 💚 To pick up your cruelty-free advent calendar and help support the residents of Dean Farm Trust, please visit

Pictures – Sam and Caroline with cheque – caption: Caroline presents Sam and our boys with the generous donation 💚 

Caroline on the hay – caption: Caroline beautifully modelling just how big the bales of hay are – that last just one day each! 🌾

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