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Over the years we have produced millions of bars/products to satisfied customers, wishing to avoid a whole variety of ingredients, but still wanting to enjoy tasty food. With such positive customer feedback we are so pleased to make so many people happy.

Free from...

Plamil have been making products since 1965, originally soya ‘milk’ for those that wanted to avoid dairy milk. Since that time the range has expanded considerably, but we still make products in our own factory, which never uses dairy/animal ingredients.

Today ‘allergy management’ is at the heart of how we make our products. For those that wish to avoid many ingredients, for instance dairy, gluten or nuts, either due to allergy or for ethical/religious reasons the ‘exclusion from the production site’ is more clearly defined and understood.

This does mean that we deliberately restrict what we make so that we, unlike many companies, are able to provide positive statements on milk, gluten and nuts, which we know consumers seek, and rely on us to make products which they can trust.

Our labels are changing, and any change can take some time to implement and older labels can still be found on some shelves for quite some time. However our systems and guarantees do not/have not changed, but some clarifications, additional information or presentation of information are changed when it is felt that the most up to date method of information presentation should be used.


‘Allergen control’ is an integral part of our Quality Management System (which is BRCGS Start accredited), this is followed throughout our processes from raw materials to despatching of goods. Our ‘Allergen Risk Management Plan’ is reviewed annually as part of our HACCP review.

Plamil is a corporate member of the Anaphylaxis Campaign. We constantly review the latest data and information available.

So free chocolate bars labellingWe recognise that our products are sold around the world. Therefore we define the allergen controls we have in place refer and work to European standards which state allergens to be:

Celery, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Gluten, Lupin, Milk, Molluscs, Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soya, Sulphites, Tree Nuts.

We are providing information to consumers of what is in our products from both ingredients box and additional voluntary information, or the absence of any ‘may contain information. We make positive claims of all products suitable for Vegans, No Milk and Gluten free.

We recognise that from time to time specific ingredients that do not appear on the EU allergen listing can be an allergen. If you have a specific question please contact us and we will answer your question to the best of our ability.


Labelling terms

As always it is important to read any labels for any specific requirement you have. You can also find individual product information on the back label of each product shown on the sales page. We do our best to show the latest labels and to ensure all information is accurate on our web site, but we do advise to always check the label before consumption.We reserve the right to change the label for any order placed to that shown on the web site, but we can assure you we would not change the allergen status.

Allergen free!

Whilst milk is the defined allergen we also use terms such as dairy free and lactose free. Milk is not always in the form of liquid and it is known the term ‘milk’ is a little misunderstood, so we also use ‘dairy free’. Whilst lactose is the sugar in dairy, is it also a common term/understanding in many countries for the general term dairy. Casein is the protein in dairy, and the most usual allergenic ingredient in milk. All Plamil products do not contain milk, and therefore do not contain, dairy, lactose, casein.


The term gluten free may be used when the levels of gluten are below 20ppm. We have no gluten containing ingredients on site.


We recognise that nut allergy reactions can be, in the worst case life threatening, and it could be only the minute traces that may cause a reaction.

Our term ‘no nuts*’ or the absence of any ‘may contain nuts’ statement therefore is defined by our whole production facility being nut controlled, there is no segregated production facilities, storage areas or need for special ‘no nut zones’, but strict controls on every aspect of the business.

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